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Inon Float Arms

by Inon
Original price R$ 340,00 - Original price R$ 470,00
Original price
R$ 340,00
R$ 340,00 - R$ 470,00
Current price R$ 340,00

Inon Float Arms provide buoyancy and secure and stable gripping for your underwater photo and video equipment

The Float Arm uses weather-resistant ABS material for its component arm body to lighten total weight creating extraordinary buoyancy comparing to existing solid arm type float system together with its hollow arm body design. The hollow arm body enables not only helping weight trimming but also provide extra buoyancy.

The Float Arm is fully compatible with existing Inon Arm II system with its high-precision machined aluminum alloy ball joint providing perfect balance between stable clamping and stress-free handling thanks to ozone-proof and weather-proof silicon rubber O-ring. 

The Inon Float Arms are also compatible with standard 1" arm systems from other vendors (Ikelite, Ultralite to name a few) 

Size S

  • Buoyancy: 75g (2.6oz) [underwater]
  • Weight: 142g (5.0oz) [air]
  • Outer diameter: 52mm (2.0in)
  • Full length: 174mm (6.9in)
  • Effective length: 150mm (5.9in) 

Size M

  • Buoyancy: 135g (4.8oz) [underwater]
  • Weight: 181g (6.4oz) [air]
  • Outer diameter: 52mm (2.0in)
  • Full length: 224mm (8.8in) 
  • Effective length: 200mm (7.9in)

Size ML

  • Buoyancy: 210g (7.4oz) [underwater]
  • Weight: 235g (8.3oz) [air]
  • Outer diameter: 52mm (2.0in) 
  • Full length: 284mm (11.2in)
  • Effective length: 260mm (10.2in)

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