Aqua Lung Impulse Dry Flex Snorkel

Aqua Lung

  • $33.95

Aqua Lung Impulse Dry Flex Snorkel incorporated the patented AquaLung Impulse Dry-Valve and assembly that Stop-the-Migration of Water into the Snorkel Tube at the Surface and at Shallow Depths. Like the time tested Impulse, the Impulse Dry features a Large-Bore Contoured Barrel for Unrestricted Breathing.

The Flex Section allows for Comfortable Positioning and will allow the Snorkel to Easily Drop Away when not in use. The Self-Draining Purge System evacuates any Water that might come into the Tube during Submersion on the Scuba Regulator.

The replaceable pure silicone Comfo-Bite mouthpiece allows you to just rest the mouthpiece in your mouth requiring no biting down to keep it in position, therefore reducing jaw fatigue and increasing comfort.

  • Patented Impulse Dry Valve stops water from entering the snorkel at the surface and underwater
  • Large bore contoured barrel for unrestricted breathing
  • Flex section allows for comfortable positioning

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