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Inon Stick Arms

by Inon
Original price $18.95 - Original price $38.95
Original price
$18.95 - $38.95
Current price $18.95

Inon Stick arms are made from a lightweight aluminum alloy. The arm designed as stick shape to have less water resistant, ample durability and super lightweight body all together.

The arms are available in five different effective lengths (center to center distance between both ends balls) from 75mm/3.0in (Stick Arm XS-T) to 320mm/12.6in (Stick Arm L). Inon Stick Arms carry broad expandability and various functions with wide range of optional accessories attached on the middle of the arm.
Ball joints of Stick Arm XS-T/SS-T/S-T/M-T have thread holes so they can be linked to the INON UW Tripod Hub as tripod legs.

Inon Stick Arm XS-T:

  • Full length: 95mm (3.7in)
  • Effective length: 75mm (3.0in)
  • Weight: 41g (1.4oz) [air] / approx.25g (0.9oz) [underwater]

Inon Stick Arm SS-T:

  • Full length: 140mm (5.5in)
  • Effective length: 120mm (4.7in)
  • Weight: 51g (1.8oz) [air] / approx.31g (1.1oz) [underwater]

Inon Stick Arm S-T:

  • Full length: 170mm (6.7in)
  • Effective length: 150mm (5.9in)
  • Weight: 57g (2.0oz) [air] / approx.34g (1.2oz) [underwater]

Inon Stick Arm M-T:

  • Full length: 220mm (8.7in)
  • Effective length: 200mm (7.9in)
  • Weight: 66g (2.3oz) [air] / approx.39g (1.4oz) [underwater]

Inon Stick Arm L:

  • Full length: 341mm (13.4in)
  • Effective length: 320mm (12.6in)
  • Weight: 101g (3.6oz) [air] / approx.63g (2.2oz) [underwater]

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