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Inon Z-240 Underwater Flash / Strobe

by Inon
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INON Z-240 Flash for underwater photography is a high power strobe with Guide Number 24, wide 100 degrees circular beam angle light distribution even without a diffuser.

Even for shooting wide subject, the Z-240 delivers strong strobe light to an entire area without using a diffuser which suppresses strobe power. Packaged -0.5 White Diffuser 2 (TTL/Manual) increases bean angle to 110 degree (guide number 21). With the white diffuser, color temperature of the Z-240 decreases at 100K (Kelvin) only to depict underwater scenery in same color regardless of using the diffuser or not.

Minimum recycle time with the proper batteries at full flash is approx. 1.6 sec.

The Z-240 offers all advanced features including S-TTL Auto mode which supports TTL Auto exposure control by transmitting built-in flash light to an external strobe and compatibility with Clear Photo System.
Optical connection system widely supports from transparent housing for compact digital cameras to a housing for digital SLRs with built-in flash regardless of make or model. The strobe sync connector accepts Nikonos 5 pin type cable to shoot in TTL Auto mode with a film camera or in Manual/External Auto mode with high end digital SLR not equipped with the built-in flash

It is simple to fine-tune flash power in S-TTL Auto by dialing the EV Control Switch on the back control panel. Adjustable range is 3 steps to increase and 6 steps to decrease, to suit to personal preference or different exposure control characteristics among camera models.

The Inon Z-240 supports professional needs for sophisticated and precise lighting by its 13 step Manual mode with 1/2EV. increments and by semi-automatic 24 step External Auto mode with 1/4EV. increments which determines strobe output based on onboard sensor. INON unique Advanced Cancel Circuit benefits you with faster recycle time and more images per battery set to eliminate drawbacks when using with a pre-flash type digital camera where the built-in flash always burst full dump.

The underwater strobe has a multifunctional focus light for supporting focusing as well as for using as an indicator of strobe charge status since it turns on in synch with strobe's ready LED lamp. The Z-240 Type 4 uses high-intensity 180 lumen power LED as Focus Light which is also usable as an independent diving light producing 180 lumen/20° coverage. The Focus Light automatically turns OFF in synch with shutter release where it quenches emitting light at the time of pre-flash under Optical D Cable Connection with a pre-flash type digital camera, so it is never recorded in an image.

The strobe can be attached to the arm system using either Inon Z Adapter MV or Inon Z Adapter II

  • Strobe Control Mode: S-TTL Auto / External Auto / Manual / TTL Auto / Manual + TTL Auto
  • Connection: Wireless connection / Optical D Cable / Optical Cable / Optical D Slave Cable / Electrical Cable
  • Guide Number: 24 without a diffuser,21 with supplied -0.5 White Diffuser,14 with supplied -1.5 White Diffuser.
  • Dimensions Diameter: 99mm/3.9in. Height: 122mm/4.8in. Depth: 100mm/3.9in.
  • Weight [air] 583g/20.6oz (without batteries)
  • Depth rating 100m / 328ft
  • Package Contents: Z-240 Strobe, Synch Connector Cap, Slave Sensor Cap, -0.5 White Diffuser 2 (TTL/Manual), W40° Filter LE, Red Filter LE, Light Filter Sticker Red, AC Circuit Switch Sticker (Film/Digital), Electrical Connection TTL Sticker, Spare O-ring (Battery Box, Synch Connector), INON Grease, TTL Insulation Plate x 2
Optional Inon Strobe Cover D/Z can be used to protect strobe from accidental damage  

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