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Nauticam Carbon Fiber Float Arm


  • $100.00

The Nauticam Carbon Fiber Float Arm series for underwater photography is manufactured from a high quality carbon fiber tubing with molded plastic end caps and machined aluminum balls.O-Ring seals ensure water tight integrity and each arm includes an aluminum spine that ties the entire assembly together, making the arm stronger than one machined from solid aluminum. This robust design ensures that these carbon fiber arms will last a lifetime.

Carbon fiber doesn't just look cool.  It is five times as strong as steel, yet weighs about two-thirds less. Lighter means more net buoyancy for the same volume. In the 60mm diameter class, for example, the Nauticam arm provides 50% more buoyancy than competitors aluminum tubing arms. The 90mm diameter arms are perfect for systems demanding even more lift.

Models, Dimensions and Buoyancy:

  • #72211    Ø60x200mm carbon fibre float arm (Buoyancy 240g)
  • #72212    Ø60x250mm carbon fibre float arm (Buoyancy 350g)
  • #72213    Ø60x300mm carbon fibre float arm (Buoyancy 460g)
  • #72214    Ø90x150mm carbon fibre float arm (Buoyancy 375g)
  • #72215    Ø90x200mm carbon fibre float arm (Buoyancy 655g)

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